Apr 20 2012
Basis Team

Employee Satisfaction is Essential to Business Success


“Shawn Riegsecker, Centro’s founder and President, sees employee satisfaction as essential to business success. ‘We believe that creating happy employees translates into hyper-growth and hyper-success.’” (Crain’s Chicago Business, April 2012).

Earlier this month Centro was honored with the title of the #1 Place to Work in Chicago for the second year in a row by Crain’s Chicago Business.  We would like to extend our gratitude to Crain’s for their recognition, and congratulations to all of the businesses recognized!

For the last ten years, the company’s leaders have worked towards implementing a blueprint that supports the ideals of personal, professional and organizational success, also known as The Centro Employee Manifesto. The combination of the principles outlined in the manifesto and the passion, dedication and character of all Centro employees, creates an exemplary working atmosphere in an organization built by motivated and driven individuals.

Shawn, along with the members of our Executive Team and Culture Club, share a unique vision of the perfect working community that encourages personal and professional growth, while sustaining a collaborative and intellectual environment for all employees. Centro has instilled a variety of leadership and management practices that promote transparency and trust throughout the organization. This year, our Culture Club team developed and implemented a new program called the School of Leadership to further instill these principles as the company grows.

Within this program, Centro peeps have the ability to take part in a nine month workshop allowing them to develop their leadership skills. By using real life experiences as coaching tools, the participants progress through the course with a coach that provides feedback and development goals. Programs like these allow employees to not only advance their career skills, but also build confidence and recognize the value they bring to the company.

What motivates you as an employee to come to work each day? Better yet, what part about your job makes you happy?  What are you doing as business owner or manager to ensure that your employees are empowered to grow and learn as individuals?

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