Jan 20 2012
Basis Team

The Download on Applications: Consumer App’lash?


How many applications are on your phone? Maybe 25? How many of them you use each day? Maybe 5? Most  applications are either deleted or remain unused after a few months. Flurry Analytics showed applications only have a 5% retention rate after 6 months. Another report from localytics showed that 26% of users who download an application use it once and never use it again. Most want their applications to be “sticky”, but to effectively do this, applications need to provide a consumer benefit, be refreshed and a have a consistent advertising presence to ensure success.

Good applications provide a clear benefit to the consumer regardless of the category. For example, Chicago Tribune’s mobile application is only as good as the content that is consistently refreshed. The Chase Banking application is only good if it allows you to login to your checking account. Even a novelty application like Zippo (literally has one function) can still be a benefit to a select group of consumers looking for a new “party trick”.  The bottom line is that many of the best applications often provide a consumer benefit by acting as good time savers (tools) or good time killers (games, experiences).

The advertising required in promoting your application often is related to the type of category your application falls within. Utility applications like the Chase Banking app might have the leverage to advertise the app within an integrated brand strategy (offline, mobile, online, etc.). Other apps that don’t have access to an integrated means of promotion may require more mobile advertising presence to increase downloads.