Jan 15 2012
Basis Team

The Download on Applications: Application Adoption


High adoption rates (85% of iPhone owners have downloaded an app, 84% of Android users) show us that mobile applications definitely meet a specific consumer need. People love their apps!

With the launch of the iPhone 4S and rise of smartphone penetration among consumers, advertisers will increasingly look to incorporate mobile applications as part of their overall strategy. Mobile is quickly moving from the “third screen” to the first screen. When building applications clients often ask, “how much does it cost?” The reality is that there is quite a variety of options when it comes to application functionality, which can make building an application range anywhere from $15K to $100K+. While many advertisers will want to rush into the application space, it’s important to remember that content within applications isn’t searchable (ex. Google). Therefore, having a proper mobile landing page in place is often the best first step when “going mobile”. This can also be a less expensive option.