Nov 22 2016
Basis Technologies

Digital Media Operations and Smart Campaign Execution Should Go Hand in Hand


Navigating the world of ad servers and digital media contracts is often a challenge.

Aligning contracted information to what was delivered and what performed is extremely time consuming and difficult. And because there are so many changes throughout the process, contracts and ad server data rarely matches. Not to mention, changes or updates made to a campaign often don’t make their way to the server or vice versa (sometimes agencies just update the campaign in the server, but don’t change the IO). In the end, there’s a lack of accurate, centralized information.

Additionally, optimizing or revising campaigns can be a painful process without being able to visualize how that effort is going. In order to make this process more manageable for their users and more meaningful for their clients, many agencies have resorted to partnerships with separate data visualization systems that pull the information from servers.

In other words: digital media operations workflow doesn’t run end-to-end, yet our processes and the very nature of digital media campaigns require insight and understanding from start to finish.

Snapshot: Reconciling contracts and ad server data is difficult, which makes optimizing and reporting on performance even harder. It’s become such a challenge that many agencies are paying data visualization systems to pull server data – adding another point solution to the already long list of partners.

Real Concerns from Real Digital Media Professionals

If you’re a campaign manager or campaign analyst, you know a large part of your job is to ensure that once a campaign is live, it performs well. Ideally, you’re consistently drawing lines between performance and client goals, and then suggesting or enacting changes to make sure the campaign is moving toward those KPIs. However, working with the ad server can be tricky, and often campaigns are set up incorrectly or don’t go live on time. Wouldn’t it be great to have a digital media operations workflow in place that streamlined and supported your efforts all the way through the revision process?

The Solution: Centro Platform

Centro Platform’s organized workflow reduces time spent on menial tasks throughout campaign execution. Bi-directional integration with leading ad servers DCM and Sizmek, integrations with Facebook and Google, as well as a data ingestion module save you valuable time and energy on set up, launch, and analysis. Optimizations and revisions are done in the same system, providing you with updates to contracted data together in one helpful view. Additionally, alerts during the process keep team members informed if a campaign launch is delayed or if delivery is unbalanced (anything below 90% and over 110% triggers an automatic notification).

This is smarter digital campaign execution. This is Centro Platform.


Platform Features

Automated Ad Operations

  • Set up campaigns in major ad servers with the click of a button. Send contracted campaigns and receive data back automatically – minimizing the amount of manual entry and reducing errors.
  • Centro Platform receives daily delivery and performance information automatically, and pairs it with your contracted lines for daily access to campaign performance metrics and a clean, centralized look at optimizations.

Data Integrations

  • Bi-directional integration with major ad servers, DCM and Sizmek, help you get campaigns live quickly and easily.
  • Dynamically priced tactics are easier to use than ever, because performance information is pulled directly from AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram for seamless review and optimization.
  • Regardless of the third party tracking you’re using, Centro Platform makes it possible to align delivery and performance data against the contracted information. The data ingestion module reinforces centralization of data, leaving one holistic view of the effort.

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