Nov 4 2016
Anthony Loredo

Today’s Digital Media Operations Aren’t Operating. Optimize Yours with Centro Platform.


You’re at the eye doctor for a check-up, and, as the technician adjusts the refractor and clicks between lenses, you’re asked to read the chart of letters on the wall. Are the letters clearer with option A or option B? What about option 1 or option 2? This continues until you’re able to clearly read the smallest line on the chart. A, Z, E, wait … is that a P or a B? More clicks and more questions.

Your best vision is achieved through a series of adjustments (unless you’ve been blessed with 20/10). Once you’ve found the right power lenses for your unique prescription, the results have a tremendous impact on your day-to-day life. No more headaches. No more squinting. Maybe less wrinkles? (OK, probably not). But, you can move through your day with greater clarity, control, and confidence.

What if we applied the simple principles of the vision chart to the more complicated parts of our work life? Wouldn’t it be incredible to constantly evaluate performance, look for blurry spots, and make tweaks and adjustments until things are just right? The problem is: There’s not enough time for this level of monitoring. After all, we barely make it to the eye doctor once a year, and now we’re talking about optimizing on a daily basis?

From where we’re standing in digital media, we cannot see the letters on the wall and we don’t have the vision to figure out a way to fix the problem. There’s too much to do. Too much clutter and chaos obstructing our view.

Ironically, an agency’s biggest value-add in today’s digital landscape is the degree to which they can optimize campaigns. But, with so many steps required to get from insight to action, many agencies are incapable of monitoring and enhancing campaign performance to the best of their abilities.

In a dream world, teams are able to quickly track whether performance is meeting client goals and, if it’s not, they’re able to make suggestions and revisions on the fly in order to stay on track with campaign KPIs.

But today’s digital media world is not that simple. The complexity of digital media, combined with all the moving parts necessary to set up a campaign (all the while using inefficient tools and systems that slow down the day-to-day), adds up to agencies not having the means to efficiently plan and create campaigns. And, not to mention, once campaigns are live, performances needs to meet client expectations. But, using today’s tools, digital media teams don’t have the means or the time available to monitor or report on what is and isn’t working in real-time.

All of this takes a toll, and can lead to a number of potential issues across the entire lifecycle of campaign planning.

For instance, sometimes campaigns are set up incorrectly. Teams are using multiple systems – Excel, email, internal campaign tools, you name it. Or different people worked on prior campaign executions and sometimes access to historical data is not readily available.

Or maybe the campaign isn’t launched at the right time and doesn’t go live.

And typically it takes forever to pull the necessary reporting and data. Many external agencies don’t have access to IO and planning data across all of their campaigns, clients or even vendors. When it comes to campaign analysis, agency teams are logging into multiple systems – ad servers and third-party data platforms for their delivery data, or Excel and Prisma for contracted data – and it’s a time suck to match client goals in one system to campaign performance in another system. Perhaps the campaign is time-sensitive and has a small flight window, and it’s critical to understand what’s happening in real-time.

But, with Centro Platform, each piece of data you need to run a smart and successful digital media business is available on demand.

Centro Platform is what optimization for your media teams looks like.

With Centro Platform, you radically improve the productivity of your team and your operations. Information is available daily on the platform, meaning there’s a 36% increase in time spent on monitoring and reporting on campaigns – so there can be a stronger focus on hitting KPIs and delivering on what clients expect.

Platform Features


Centro Insights
Insights is a customizable report builder in Centro Platform, with drag & drop functionally and visualizations, that provides an agency-wide view across campaigns. Centro Insights enables media teams to quickly pull reporting and data into pivot tablets, allowing them to uncover what’s working and what’s not and make informed business-level decisions.

Campaign Performance & Analytics
Centro Platform provides a rich view of delivery performance against a campaign contract to show pacing, CTR, and many additional metrics updated daily. Extract data and pull reports and analytics out of the platform for additional sharing and evaluation. Alerts and notifications call attention to issues on delivery or performance. Resolve these issues quickly by using the message center to contact your seller or return to the planning grid to revise the contract and issue an updated insertion order. Need to fix an inaccuracy? Adjustments update an ordered campaign with corrected delivery details to accurately record and account for mistakes.

Centro Platform brings data to one unified view and enables optimizations or revisions to occur in the same system as planning, execution, and reconciliation. With a deeper understanding of your campaigns, you can optimize toward KPIs, and, ultimately, put more money toward working media.

Client Approval & Insertion Orders (IOs)
Centro Platform automates the process of creating IOs and storing those contracts in the system for reference, tracking and revisions. The platform keeps the order process as straightforward and clear as possible, and you’re able to optimize and revise campaigns smoothly by looking at data delivery against contracted line items and shift budget to reach your KPIs.

Data Integrations
Centro Platform is integrated with ad servers DCM and Sizmek, plus integrations with Facebook and Google, to help you launch and optimize your campaigns quickly. And regardless of the third party tracking you’re using, Centro Platform makes it possible to align delivery and performance data against the contracted information.

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