Sep 9 2015
Ryan Manchee

Digital Innovations Awesome List


After a brief hiatus, the digital innovations team is back to bring you some extra awesome in your day. With all of the late summer travel and impromptu vacations, it can be tough to keep up with the latest trade publications and trends. To help you out, the team has pulled together a fresh list of articles, reports, and other bits of info you might have missed, but definitely should read. Happy back-to-school, college football kick-off day, new office moves, and almost cooler weather to you all! Enjoy!

Papa Murphy’s Takes 'N’ Bakes A Digital Transformation

A deeper look at how this challenger brand is transforming its business to become more data-driven by improving customers’ digital touchpoints from the online ordering process to their POS systems. It is like they say, the sum is greater than the slice, or the pie is greater than a single topping. You know what we mean.

6 Reasons Your Business Can't Afford to Ignore Mobile Advertising

While the growth in mobile advertising is not an unusual topic to see covered in the digital trades, Forbes sheds new light about the space that you may not have perspective on. Some good points for the late adopting advertiser, who is still thinking about jumping into the social space.

Mobile to Account for More than Half of Digital Ad Spending in 2015

Check out the very latest eMarketer estimates that now peg mobile at 51.9 percent of total U.S. digital spending. It’s important to note that this includes search, SMS, classifieds, and email. Though comprehensive, this is still a huge number!

The Mobile Revolution

If you haven’t heard, consumers are shifting their focus from the mobile browser to mobile apps, which now capture 90 percent of the three hours and 40 minutes spent on mobile devices, according to Flurry.

Landscape and Portrait Photos Now Available on Instagram

Instagram just updated its platform and now users aren’t stuck with just a square space to work with. Unfortunately, it’s still unknown as to whether this will trickle down to Instagram’s newly opened ad formats. After Snapchat succeeded in encouraging brands to think more vertically, Facebook and Instagram seem to be weighing-in on the widescreen versus vertical screen experience for users on mobile devices.

Snapchat Boasting 4B Views a Day

In June, the average Snapchat user spent an average of 10 minutes per day consuming content on the platform. That makes them second only to Facebook in terms of time spent on a device each day, thus surpassing Instagram and Twitter in the process. The Discover and Live sections are certainly significant drivers in this shift. Snapchat has been focused on generating quality content for its users and making rapid adjustments to deliver said content, dropping three of its publishing partners and adding six more in the last month.

Let’s Get Physical: PlaceIQ Chips Away At Online/Offline Attribution

Given the growing obsession with offline mobile attribution in the past year, this article from AdExchanger shares perspective on many of the players in the mobile location space. More specifically, it looks at those that track location visit rates impacted by exposure to certain mobile ads. Will foot traffic be the new click-through for retailers?

Apple’s Ad-Blocking Is Potential Nightmare for Publishers

Apple’s future plans to block mobile ads with the release of iOS9 has introduced concerns for many advertisers. How the digital ad community and publishers plan to respond is still yet to be determined. But for now, this Wall Street Journal story provides a solid round-up of the situation as publishers seek to find solutions.

Twitter Pushes Mobile Video Ads, Promoted Tweets to Third-Party Apps

Some interesting updates to Twitter’s suite of ad offerings focus on the availability of new mobile video units that can run outside of the Twitter platform. What’s interesting is how Twitter can operate across a network of thousands of third-party apps.

Mobile Video Ads: Viewability in Eye of Beholder

As the industry slowly converges on a common set of performance standards, the question advertisers now face is how to gauge success in the absence of benchmark viewability standards.

Google Adds Buy Button For YouTube TrueView Ads

Advertisers continue to push video ads in order to drive more than just brand awareness. In this article, MediaPost touches on Google addressing those needs with a more usable version of YouTube ads.

Programmatic TV Ad Sales: It’s a Different World Than Digital Display & Video

The President of Videa, a programmatic TV sell-side platform, breaks down some frequently asked questions about the programmatic TV space.

What Standards Mean for Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV is on its way, and setting standards is the first step to getting the ball rolling. But while these standards are still in the works, how will it affect marketers already in the space?

Why the Traditional TV Buyer Will Never Use Programmatic TV

If you can look past the author’s borderline ageist commentary, he makes some solid points about the types of buyers who may be more likely to adopt new technologies. Furthermore, it includes some of the challenges you may face with folks who’ve been in the business of buying traditional TV for 20+ years.

Here Are the Five Most Over-Hyped Technologies of 2015, According to Gartner

Gartner’s latest hype cycle report discusses a few of the technologies that have generated lots of interest, but didn’t quite live up to expectations (dubbed under the category ‘peak of inflated expectations.’) Autonomous vehicles and machine learning? Overhyped. But, gesture control, VR, and enterprise 3D printing are on the verge of scaling to new heights.