Mar 9 2017
Anthony Loredo

Creative Showcase: How to Make Your Digital Campaigns Stand Out


With the rise of automated buying in digital media, it can often feel like technology has replaced human optimization and service and the ability to offer personalized messages to customers.

But that doesn't have to be the case. If you're using the tools correctly, marketers should be able to leverage both data-driven tech and dynamic creative to develop campaigns that stand out in an oversaturated digital market.

That's why, for our next 3T webinar, we're exploring how marketers can build effective creative that aligns with campaign goals and KPIs. Because tech and tailored messages can, and should, go hand-in-hand and are essential to success in digital advertising.

Join us and Centro's VP of Creative Services, Martin Betoni, as he dives into how marketers can begin to understand and embrace the creative environment.

Martin will discuss:

  • Best practices for addressing digital ad hierarchy, and conceiving and optimizing designs for the appropriate format and KPI
  • Innovative creative opportunities across various platforms and examples of what you can do with each