Mar 20 2017
Basis Technologies

Centro at Your Service: Your Digital Media Concierge


It should be no secret to those of us in the digital media industry that the space is constantly evolving, bringing new trends, complex jargon, and sophisticated tech to the table on what feels like a weekly basis. It should also be no secret that in order to be successful, companies need to be able to adapt to the frequent and fluid needs of their customers. Easier said than done, right? Well, we think we can speak to this a little bit, because we've been in the digital media business for more than 15 years.

The key? It's not just about the hottest tech, or being the smartest team in the conference room. It's about customer service -- and combining that behind-the-scenes service with keen insights and innovative tools.

A bit of background: We started as a services company in Chicago back in 2001, and we managed and ran campaigns. Media execution was our bread and butter. We've since evolved, both in scope (with new products, offerings, and full-scale digital partnerships) and city space (we're 32 offices strong now). Part of that evolution is because we know that in this day and age marketers need digital partners to execute more than just individual tactics. And that's what true customer-centric service is: being adaptable and proactive in the marketplace.

We call it Raving Fan Service, and we tout it a lot. As we should. It's one of our differentiators. But what does Raving Fan Service really mean?

It's not just lip service. One of the easiest ways to digest this Raving Fan Service concept is to think of the standard service operating model. With the rise of digital – and programmatic especially – we're all operating in an extremely hi-tech, but not so hi-touch, world. There are an overwhelming amount of vendors that exist in the digital media marketplace, and they're all promising different things: sophisticated in-house tech, but no human touch behind the scenes to offer help, or data and reporting without insights that match up to unique business strategy or campaign goals, or perhaps performance and digital tactics that are lackluster when compared to budget and investment.

You're right to feel skeptical of customer service promises. At Centro? It's like a bundled cable package: everything is in one spot.

We know we're quick with RFPs because of the software and platforms we built. We know we're an operations machine because of the brains behind our technology and optimizations. But we also know that in order to keep customers happy, we have to build service into the cost of doing business. That level of service runs the gamut: from webinars, educational training, hands-on campaign management, and lunch and learns, for starters.

Even that is oversimplifying the process. Because there's so much that's bundled in there – and it doesn't mean anything until you see the results, and you see how every team works together to service our customers and provide a close look at your campaigns every step of the way. We make it look easy, but there's more than meets the eye.

We understand a smart media strategy is at the core of every successful digital media campaign, so we offer a whole suite of services to help you hit every KPI and achieve every business objective. No matter the platform, the campaign, the KPI, we serve as an extension of your team throughout the entire relationship – from onboarding and education, to campaign management, strategy, execution, and reporting. We connect our customers to solutions, technologies, and human communications that put their media dollars to work.

Let us introduce you to some of these solutions over the coming weeks. Who is involved and what does it take? We've got Client Development, Media Strategy, Ad Operations, Data & Insights, and Digital Innovations to cover. Stay tuned to our blog.

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