Apr 11 2017
Basis Technologies

Centro DSP Spotlight: Out of The Video Stream and Into the Outstream


Think about video ads. What comes to mind? Probably YouTube videos. But video ads can be found anywhere on the web.

Video ads are typically found pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. In other words: before, during, or after the video content plays. This type of video ad space is referred to as instream.

But there's another, and less common, type of video placement and it's called outstream.

Have you ever noticed those videos that start playing as you're reading an article or a blog post? There's no sound, but as you're scrolling through the page, you notice the video starts rolling? Those video ad spaces are known as outstream placements. Unlike instream ads, outstream ads don't require a video player present on the publisher's site for the ads to exist. Instead, they are inserted into traditional display ad spaces.

Since the ad is served outside of a traditional video player, there are some benefits to marketers including outstream ads in their media plans. Because the video is integrated in the content, outstream videos tend to have higher viewability and click through rates. It even has the potential of being 100% viewable by the user, making it a great tool for brand awareness. Not to mention -- outstream placements provide advertisers with access to video impressions in premium inventory.

Even publishers can reap the rewards of outstream. Without needing video player space, more inventory can be offered by publishers – meaning, more revenue for them and more opportunity for available inventory for the advertiser. In other words, win-win!

Could outstream become the new mainstream? We're ready to find out. Soon we'll be offering a new feature in Centro DSP which will allow users to select outstream placements in their video campaigns. This new feature will provide an abundance of new inventory for video placements and more robust targeting for video ads.

For more information on how to make the most of this new feature, please join us for a webinar on April 20th at 1 PM (CST). You can register here.

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