Nov 18 2016
Basis Technologies

Centro DSP Spotlight: A Look Back on 2016


To quote Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

That’s especially true for those of us in digital marketing where technology and trends evolve daily. Because things move so quickly, it’s easy to forget about all the progress we’ve made. At Centro, we’re taking a pause to reflect on the product features and releases rolled out this year in our DSP.

Back in 2010, Apple was the first major company to block Flash for iOS. Six years later, Google finally sealed Flash’s fate when it announced Chrome would no longer support it as well. There are numerous benefits to HMTL5, including load time and security. Centro DSP was one of the first DSPs to offer first-party hosting of HTML5 and at no additional charge. Since making the offering available we’ve helped advertisers seamlessly transition thousands and thousands of ads.

In 2016, Centro DSP made a significant enhancement to creative management and workflow by introducing MyAds. MyAds allow users to create and save campaigns and ads independent of each other. It also helped users by organizing their ads all in one place with improved filters, a search function, and simple ad previewing. Once an ad is saved in MyAds, the review process begins immediately, and audited and approved ads associated with a campaign activate instantly.

Campaign Pacing Update
This summer, Centro DSP enabled an updated pacing system that gave users access to new options for setting spend at both the group and campaign levels. This change also eliminated the need for a budget buffer – giving greater clarity on what is budgeted and spent.

New Account Hierarchy
In September, Centro DSP transitioned to a new account hierarchy to better organize and segment client data in your account. At the highest level folders became brands, and within each brand, groups and campaigns were made mandatory. This important change ensures client-specific audiences and creative are maintained separately. It also paves the way for other exciting features in the future.

Geographic Reporting
Last month, we were pleased to introduce reporting by geography as an added function. Geo Reports give views into campaign metrics at the country, region, and city level. In addition to providing insight for optimization, campaign management is more efficient as local markets no longer need to be set up separately for reporting purposes.

Last But Not Least
Minor updates can have a major impact on usability and your day-to-day. We hope the ability to copy groups, target by browser language, and manage apps through the domain list made your life a little easier.

We have big plans for 2017 and hope you do, too!