Mar 23 2016
Anthony Loredo

DSP Spotlight: ‘My Ads’ and Creative Management


The ease-of-use of our DSP is a major reason customers are choosing our platform to manage digital advertising initiatives. In a couple of weeks, we will be unveiling some changes to our interface and workflow to improve further and streamline how users are creating and executing campaigns.

What’s happening?
Centro is changing the way ads (or ad objects) are treated and managed across the platform. The new interface will enable marketers to manage more efficiently all their ads from a centralized location, separate from where they manage campaigns. Called My Ads, this change allows easy upload, save, edit, and linking to every unique ad unit.


Why is this important to users?
My Ads helps users keep track of multiple ads while providing additional search, filtering and preview functions all from one location. This improves efficiency during campaign set-up and ad review. Campaigns can be set up and saved without ads, and ads can be created and saved without having to be associated with a campaign. The ad review process now begins the instant the ad is saved. Once an ad is audited and approved, the ad is automatically stored in the system and is ready for use in any campaign.

How would a user utilize this?
Once an ad has been uploaded, saved, audited and approved, it can be used for any present or future campaign(s). Campaigns will no longer require audit from Centro's Ad Quality team. Only ads are subject to review. Users can work with the ads first and put it in front of the Centro Ad Quality team while in the process of finalizing campaign details. This flexibility benefits buyers by allowing them to move forward with drafting and editing campaigns without ads, as the ads may be coming from a third party (e.g. client or creative agency). Once an ad is linked to a campaign, it will start bidding immediately, provided the advertiser has funds, and the campaign is ON and within the specified fight dates. Users can easily change ads for multiple campaigns at any time as well as link and unlink all the ads they want to use for a particular campaign in real-time. Edits made to an ad will automatically apply to all campaigns using that ad.

My Ads also provides search functionality for ads by names, campaigns associated with, status, and review status – users can easily identify which ads have been reviewed and which are still pending review.

We think My Ads will positively affect the user workflow. Give it a try when it goes live on April 7th.