Jun 30 2015
Anthony Loredo

Centro Delivers Programmatic Advertising Best Practices for 250 Marketers in Regional Forums


Marketers in Kansas City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle and More Gain Insight

from Digital Media Experts on Mobile, Video and Other Aspects of Programmatic Advertising

New York – June 30, 2015 – Centro (centro.net), a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising, today announced highlights from a series of programmatic advertising forums hosted in eight U.S. cities. More than 250 advertising professionals from agencies, brands and publishers attended Centro’s Tips, Trends and Techniques (3T) events in June to discuss the areas transforming digital media. Experts presented on mobile, digital video, programmatic TV, hyperlocal targeting, cross-device marketing, ad viewability standards, and ad fraud & bot traffic prevention. Centro’s 3T Programmatic Roadshow was held in Boston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia Seattle and St. Louis to give marketers knowledge to bring programmatic advertising capabilities in-house. Educational resources on the topics discussed are available here: www2.centro.net/3t-programmatic-resource-center.

Programmatic advertising is a major challenge for agencies and brands – and many find it difficult to develop relationships with larger-scale ad-buying technology providers due to requirements such as minimum spend, set-up fees and excessive campaign support costs. To be self-sufficient, agencies and brands need to grow in-house expertise. To support marketers’ transformation and help them expand proficiency in programmatic advertising, Centro will resume the 3T Roadshow in this September. Marketing and media professionals who want Centro to host an event in their city or region can send a request to: events@centro.net.

“Centro has an extended history working with regional, independent agencies and brands and we want to bring our best practices and know-how to them on a local and personal level,” said Leah Holzman, VP of marketing at Centro. “The interest in programmatic advertising goes far beyond the organizations in the typical major media markets. Centro’s scale, reach and resources enable us to deliver high-quality, customized educational events for agencies and brands in almost any market in the U.S.”

Centro is an advertising technology company with 650 employees across North America. It pioneered technology for automating guaranteed media-buying and recently launched a cross-channel programmatic ad buying platform. To help marketers implement programmatic advertising in a flexible and agile manner, Centro’s demand-side platform offers robust ad-buying capabilities with no minimum spend or contract requirements and no hidden fees.

About Centro

Centro (centro.net) is creating a platform to make digital advertising easier. Its enterprise-class software centralizes, organizes and automates all digital media campaigns across all channels, accessing both guaranteed and biddable inventory, to achieve any objective. Our holistic approach gives marketers a single system of record to fulfill their research, planning, buying, optimization, reporting and reconciliation needs. Since 2001, Centro has successfully planned and executed more than 250,000 campaigns across all digital display platforms and ad format types. Headquartered in Chicago with 32 offices in North America, Centro has received numerous accolades for its commitment to employees and workplace culture.

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Anthony Loredo