Oct 23 2017
Gabriel Ribadeneira

Basis DSP Spotlight: Increase Productivity with Bulk Editing Capabilities


Digital advertising and campaign management is fast-paced. From a digital media team's perspective, strategists, planners, and buyers need to be able make quick updates and modifications. But the amount of manual effort required to plan campaigns means it's often hard to find time to continuously evaluate campaign performance and optimize towards success. With one of the busiest seasons right around the corner for marketers, finding ways to create efficiencies, improve the digital media workflow, and utilize the right tools and techniques are crucial building blocks for campaign success.

Basis DSP's new productivity tool, Bulk Editor, lets you make multiple changes simultaneously, so you spend less time modifying campaign settings and spend more time focusing on campaign strategies. Instead of going into individual campaigns to adjust settings, Bulk Editor allows you to make changes at once, which helps to speed up campaign set-up and free up time for strategic thinking and optimizations:

  • Do you need to adjust the budget of your campaigns or groups? In General Settings, you can change the spend settings for all of them at once. There is also the option to update the status, flight dates, advertiser settings (for groups), and CPM bid (for campaigns).
  • Are your October campaigns going to be the same in November and you simply need to rename them? With Bulk Editor, retitling Campaign Names is easier than ever. Add a prefix, suffix, or try the unique “find and replace" option.
  • Would you like to substitute the times and days your ads are being displayed? Requests to change campaign dates can come in unexpectedly and require immediate action. Quickly create different rules using the Day Parting control.
  • Have you analyzed your geo report and noticed low performance coming from a particular state? Now you can exclude it entirely from more than one campaign at a time with the Locations option. You can also add or replace the geos your campaigns are targeting.

To learn more about Basis DSP, visit our website or email us at info@centro.net.