Sep 11 2017
Christine Kim

Basis Spotlight: Drive Campaign Performance with the Help of Automated Bid Adjustments


Coming in October, we'll be launching Algorithmic Optimization, an efficiency tool that makes automated bid adjustments to the best performing placements of your campaigns. The feature streamlines inventory analysis and fine-tuning to generate better outcomes, allowing you to focus more on business objectives.

We created this feature with media buyers in mind, to save valuable hours in their day. Every 12 hours, campaign goals are analyzed, budgets are better distributed, and placements are optimized toward relevant KPIs.

The initial feedback from a buyer test-driving Basis' Algorithmic Optimization feature was: “I have a campaign that requires a $10 video CPM to run on only one video exchange. The client also wanted a completion rate between 65%-70%. No matter how frequent or aggressive my manual optimizations were, I couldn't get above a 62% completion rate. Once I added the new optimization feature, the completion rate grew higher and higher every day. The campaign ends in a couple of days and is currently at a 75% completion rate!"

Need some more reasons why the Algorithmic Optimization tool will benefit you?

  • Better outcomes and campaign performance: You can choose from five options to optimize against: CTR, CPC, CPA, CPCV, and VCR. The best performing inventory is rewarded, while the low achievers are re-evaluated. As a result, bid adjustments are made on each placement based on the performance of the inventory.

  • More control over your campaigns: Leverage your expertise to assist the optimizer tool through the advanced optimization settings.
  • Full transparency: All modifications and changes are captured in real-time in the campaign grid for your review.

Register for our upcoming September webinar to learn how to make Algorithmic Optimization work for you and to get a sneak peek at some other upcoming Basis features.