Jan 19 2017
Basis Technologies

AdExchanger Industry Preview 2017: Day 2 Tweet-Cap


AdExchanger’s 2017 Industry Preview has come to an end, leaving plenty for marketers to think about as they approach their digital strategies and plans this year. If you thought 2017 was going to be a simple year in digital, think again.

One major theme of the today’s presentations was the increasing desire to better track and manage the cross-channel client experience.

With more time spent using multiple devices, consumers are growing tired of the increasingly disruptive nature of ads. During the Measuring Data panel, Anneka Gupta, Director of Marketing at LiveRamp, cited this intrusion as the main reason why consumers are turning to ad blockers.

This is leading to the emergence of better and more effective native units. Unfortunately, consistent adoption of standard attribution KPIs is lagging behind in adoption.

So, what should you take away from this year’s Industry Preview? Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, said it best in his opening remarks on Day 1:

Reaching your customers at relevant times with content they can relate to – and, not to mention, in the most ideal format -- is not an easy task. We should not pretend like it is.

It’s looking like 2017 will be a year focused on delivering what consumers need and are asking for, not what we think they want.