Jul 21 2017
Basis Technologies

Ad Tech Analogies: Simple is the New Smart (The Dinner Recipe Analogy)


It's our final ad tech analogy in the series: The Dinner Recipe Analogy, which explains how KPIs affect what programmatic tactics should be used.

Pretend you're throwing a dinner party with a friend. Your friend asks you to be in charge of buying all the groceries for the party, but they don't tell you which ingredients to buy at the store, what you'll be eating, or what any of the recipes require.

In that situation, it's almost impossible to know what to purchase at the store. You could pick out a bunch of items you like to eat, or ingredients you think taste good, but you might end up making a meal that's full of dishes and foods that don't work well together or sides that don't complement the main course. You'd likely be left with a table full of unhappy guests who have to eat a meal that isn't very good.

This is similar to building programmatic campaigns without deciding on goals and KPIs beforehand.

It's hard to put together a plan if you don't know the KPI, because evaluating campaign success and performance can only be accurately tracked if you're measuring against a specific KPI.

The various tactics at your disposal work better than others for different KPIs and objectives. For example: If you're trying to achieve brand awareness, you want to measure your campaign's success based on how many people you reach. Meaning the KPI is impressions.

In order to put together the best and highest-performing plan, know the KPI first.

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