Nov 27 2018
Kristin Furjanic

5 Ways to Capture Consumers' Attention in Saturated Online Channels


Consumers are constantly inundated with video ads from a multitude of brands both large and small. Whether they're on a PC, tablet, or laptop, they're exposed to one ad after another—which makes it easy for them to ignore what doesn't connect or stand-out. This creates a unique challenge for brands/agencies alike, and poses the question: How do companies capture the short attention span of consumers in an entirely saturated market?

Here are five proven advertising techniques to help your brand break away from the pack.

  1. Less is More

In-your-face branding is a turn-off for today's consumers. They've become desensitized over the years, making consumer advertising with heavy-handed branding largely ineffective. Instead, consider a technique called brand pulsing. This technique strategically knits branding through an advertisement in an understated way. It ensures that your brand is seen, but in an effective, understated way.

  1. Maintain Relevance

Ad placement can impact the effectiveness of messaging and affect how consumers think about the brand. Ads must be relevant not only to the audience, but also the space in which they’re located. For example, if you own a company that manufactures dog toys and your ad appears on a website dedicated to maintaining saltwater fish tanks—it’s probably going to miss the mark. Utilize a demand-side platform to help discover ad space that is most relevant to your brand and vice versa.

  1. Empathize with your Audience

Establishing a personal connection is crucial to effective advertising in a saturated market. One of the most valuable advertising tips for companies in any industry is to find a way to empathize with their target audience. This is less difficult than it seems. Think about it—most companies are created because they offer a product or service that solves a problem or satisfies a need. Show that you understand their challenges and frustrations and that your product or service is the solution.

  1. Develop Shareable Content

Create highly shareable video content that’s appropriate for a wide range of audiences. Avoid segregating some markets to appeal to others. For example, the use of crude humor for shock value may increase your number of views but is likely to isolate certain segments of your audience.

  1. Create Organic Value

Today's consumers value rich, interactive experiences on and offline. Avoid talking at them—instead, provide your audience with educational and actionable content. Deliver a full experience. Do that, and they will remember your brand. Content that’s extravagant for the sake of being extravagant is easily forgotten, while content that cultivates a positive learning experience is usually the most effective.

Maximize Brand Exposure

There is a myriad of advertising techniques and tactics that can be utilized to increase brand exposure, however, many of them fail to take into account that online channels are now very saturated with ads. What worked a few years ago, may not work now. Stay on top of the latest advertising tips to maximize exposure and make your ad dollars work harder for you.

Centro offers a performance-driven, demand-side platform designed to help you streamline media campaigns across a multitude of online channels. For more information about how programmatic can transform your consumer advertising, contact us today.