Wednesday, Jun 30th 2021
Ryan Manchee

Native Advertising: Rising Above the Banner Noise


Jonathan Kim

Account Director, Platform Partnerships, TripleLift

In 2021, nearly two-thirds of all digital display ad spend will be native advertising. That equates to over $57 billion, representing a remarkable 21% YOY growth. How can marketers maximize the effectiveness of their native campaigns, differentiate their brands, and rise above the cacophony of banner noise?

In this month's Centro webinar, we'll be joined by Jonathan Kim, who leads Platform Partnerships at TripleLift—one of the pioneers in native advertising and a Centro partner—to look at why native continues to be a top performer and see why marketers should consider the various native formats available to them through platforms like Basis.

You'll learn:

  • The types of native formats in the industry and how they are different
  • Best practices for native performance through case studies
  • How advertisers may already have the assets they need to get started and run native campaigns

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Get to know Our Experts

Jonathan Kim

Account Director, Platform Partnerships, TripleLift

Jon is the Director of Platform Partnerships at TripleLift, where his team partners with 80+ DSPs around the globe to bring them the most innovative formats and efficient paths to publisher inventory. Prior to joining TripleLift, Jon spent 2.5 years at The Rubicon Project, where he oversaw DSP relationships.