Feb 2019
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Having Trouble Optimizing Your Seasonal and Promotional SEM Performance?

In the world of SEM, your campaign strategy doesn’t stay the same from quarter to quarter, month to month or even week to week. Like the weather and tide schedules, your paid search campaigns change with the seasons. And as a Paid Search Marketer who has lived through numerous Black Fridays -- and countless promotional SEM campaigns -- you know that some seasons are, well, busier than others.

Safe to say, you might feel like you spend all of your time, bandwidth and energy gearing up for the holidays only to do it all over again with President’s Day promotions or spring sales. To say the least, this can be exhausting, labor-intensive and mentally draining for your Paid Search team. After all, these aren’t just fun-one-time campaigns, but an integral part of your campaign strategy -- as well as the key to higher revenue and conversions. Ignore them or let them slide, and you lose out to competitors more on top of their promotional game than you.

So what’s essential for easing your campaign strategy woes, freeing up bandwidth and ultimately setting you up for success?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s your data. Your data about past promotions and seasonality is the ultimate secret weapon to future campaign success.

In Part II of our Enterprise Paid Search Pain Pain series, “Having Trouble Optimizing Your Seasonal and Promotional SEM Performance?” we talk about just that.

Look, we know that, like many advertisers, you spend a lot of time making these changes manually -- and probably wish that you could easily access centrally located data to make informed and strategic decisions on your next campaign.

We feel you. So in our next installment, we discuss some of the pains from this lack of insight, whether it’s hours of manual work to make necessary adjustments or continually being forced to override your bidding solution.

But, true to form, we don’t present any problem without presenting some kind of corresponding solution. (glass half full, right?) We also explore what non-negotiable features you need to stay competitive, relevant and profitable in today’s market (psst...think strong data integration). And in doing so, we ask you to think hard about what you need, answering questions like:

  • “Can you update all bids for a promotion across all related publisher objects in one easy step?”
  • And..  “Can your current solution utilize offline data to make bidding decisions congruously with the seasonality-based trends?”

We know this is not an easy problem to solve. Every organization’s  seasonal promotions differ with their unique business objectives, revenue goals and performance metrics.

But on our end, we want your promotion calendar to be armed to the teeth with powerful insights and tools so you can apply the right changes to create a strong, repeatable revenue driver for your business that allows you to take profits and ROI to their full potential.

You can find questions -- and answers -- around this complex challenge here in the latest of our Enterprise Paid Search Pains series: “Having Trouble Optimizing Your Seasonal and Promotional SEM Performance?”

To your success!

Having Trouble Optimizing Your Seasonal and Promotional SEM Performance?