Feb 2019
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Are Data Issues Preventing You From Achieving Peak SEM Performance?

In the first of our new Enterprise Paid Search Pains series, we examine the biggest data challenges behind sub-standard SEM performance

Let’s face it, these days, the success of your PPC program -- and your SEM performance and strategy as a whole -- is contingent upon data. Accurate, reliable and applicable data. And nowhere is this more important than in your bidding strategy. In fact, your competitive success and relevancy in the market depend on it. 

As you probably know by now, data is the fuel to your SEM engine, enabling you to devise comprehensive PPC strategies, create progressive business goals and drive future marketing decisions. In short, data is critical in driving your business forward toward peak SEM performance. Thus, the best and most efficient strategies will thoughtfully take into account increasingly more -- and higher quality --  data from key sources.

But what if your SEM performance isn’t up to par? Or you’re not meeting critical business goals?  Or competitors always seem to be a half-step ahead of you, beating you to the proverbial punch? The other side to this double-edged sword, of course, is that if your SEM performance is suffering, it’s likely sourced to a data problem as well. More specifically, chances are your current PPC solutions are utilizing incomplete or low-fidelity data to power your bidding strategy, which ultimately fails to give you the necessary big-picture of both your customer and competitive landscape. Thus, any bidding strategy you attempt to employ is almost sure to miss the mark or otherwise fall short of expectations.  

There are few things more frustrating. By now, you’re likely tearing out your hair, wondering how in the world you’re going to generate required leads, or meet conversion metrics, let alone exceed them this quarter. We feel your pain. That’s why we’re here to help with a new series that takes a hard and thorough look at the numerous pains common to at-scale SEM/PPC programs.

In the first of our Enterprise Paid Search Pains series, we examine some of the reasons Paid Search programs continually suffer from poor data utilization and sub-standard SEM performance. From there, we dive into real-world data issues you have likely encountered with technology solutions in your day-to-day campaign efforts -- everything from solutions that can’t integrate a full set of historical data or have trouble integrating data from third-party sources to solutions that take too long to incorporate bid data.

And of course we provide you some relevant tips for resolving some of your biggest data issues, while directing you to technologies that truly address any one of these data challenges you might be experiencing. We’ll even let you in on a little secret -- finding just the right tool will help you to collect more data, align it to publisher activity, and automate bidding optimization in a way that is sure to result in the best possible performance for your business.

After all, here at QuanticMind, we want to see you reach peak SEM performance in all areas of your SEM program, whether that’s knocking your quarterly PPC metrics out of the park, reaching new customers or achieving higher ROI than ever before.

And we take pride in not only helping others reach peak performance, but taking their PPC programs to new levels. To your success! 

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