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What's Possible 
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Combine automation with powerful digital media activation, universal dashboard reporting, and so much more.

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DOOH is Better With Basis

Engage your target audience in real-world moments with attention-grabbing messages. Basis brings DOOH advertising to your fingertips so you can get the most out of your omnichannel digital media campaigns.


Effective Digital Advertising Without Third-Party Cookies

Create sustainable connections with consumers that power high-performing campaigns.

What Our Customers are Saying

  • “Basis Technologies is an extension of our team. They improve how we work each and every day. We rely upon them immensely. they’ve got really smart people, very strategic, and very sound from an executional standpoint.”
    — Nathan Engels | Digital Communications Mngr. | St. Elizabeth Healthcare
  • “They are teaching you to fish instead of fishing for you. I joke that self-service feels almost like it’s managed service because of the level of attention. If you need a question answered, your Basis Success Manager is on it.”
    — Shaun Farrar | Sr. Director, Global Media | Monster
  • “The blend of advanced tech and remarkable support has been a huge success in the CBD world. Basis, our account team, and our PDM framework has led us to a 198% ROAS for one of our clients.”
    — Chris Franks | CEO | CleverFunnel & CBDeebly
  • “Basis Technologies consistently amazing service and readiness to assist gives us the ability and the confidence to do more for our clients.”
    — Trevor McCalmont | Programmatic Team Lead | Search Optics