Aug 2022
Basis Technologies

Telecommunications Company Connects with Bilingual Hispanic Customers, Boosts Awareness and App Installs

A telecommunications company boosted its brand awareness and app installs within the Hispanic community by leveraging programmatic video, display and social resulting in 1,160 new customers.


Our client, a telecommunications company, has been empowering its customers with free phone service technology for over a decade. Before working with Basis Technologies, the telecommunications company focused solely on lower-funnel campaigns with Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) and other platforms that focused on driving app downloads. For 2021, the client's goal was to expand their efforts and reach a wider audience, specifically the Hispanic community.


The customer evaluated a variety of solutions, ultimately selecting Basis Technologies due to its unique blend of digital media services and owned and operated technology, Basis. The client utilized Basis Technologies' Media Strategy and Activations team to deliver front-to-end support and drive their first-ever full-funnel digital media strategy that incorporated programmatic video pre-roll, display, and social. The campaign ran for three months and focused on the top five Hispanic DMAs, including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, and Chicago. The campaign also provided the opportunity to test different audience segments within the Hispanic community and ad creative elements such as language, emotion, and cultural nuances needed to mirror and authentically reflect bilingual individuals' experiences.

Campaign Highlights


Video pre-roll was a great compliment to the display campaign that drove awareness and supplemental app installs. Video pre-roll achieved a high 65% VCR (video completion rate), exceeding the goal of 60%. It was noted that Basis DSP campaigns achieved a 138% increase in impressions and a 36% increase in app installs vs. Meta (formerly Facebook).

Audience Targeting

The team implemented various targeting tactics such as demographic, behavioral, contextual, and retargeting while leveraging data partnerships with Adstra and Cuebiq to efficiently reach the Hispanic community. For further audience segmentation, the team layered in targets to reach consumers that were identified as mobile device users (Android and iOS), young adults, searching for phone services, small business owners, and low income to see which audiences engaged the most.


The campaign helped establish the telecommunications app as a young, fun brand and attracted new customers who then went on to install and use the app. Between June - August 2021, the ad campaign achieved:

  • 36% increase in app installs via Basis DSP vs. Meta (formerly Facebook)
  • $59.98 cost per install
  • 1,160 new customers
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