Apr 2023
Dannalyn Prado

Enhancing Business and Campaign Performance at Dalton Agency

Recognizing the importance of digital media in modern marketing strategies, Dalton Agency sought a reliable adtech partner to keep up with the fast-paced digital landscape. After careful consideration, they transitioned their digital media business exclusively to Basis Technologies.

By partnering with Basis, Dalton Agency aimed to:

  • Consolidate adtech stack to improve operational efficiency
  • Increase cross-channel campaign performance
  • Position their agency as innovative and progressive to win new business


Digital Media Expertise: 

  • Dedicated subject matter experts (SMEs) who plan, buy, report, and optimize across all digital channels
  • Owned & operated DSP with access to programmatic, direct, social, and search

Thought Leadership: 

  • Market and consumer research that identify potential consumers, gauge brand loyalty, and select target markets to support data-driven decision making for media strategy
  • Optimization strategy

Raving Fan Service: 

  • Weekly in-depth performance reviews
  • New business pitch support
  • Interdepartmental collaboration


  • 10X New Business Wins
  • -29% CPA for Savannah College of Art & Design
  • +117% ROAS for Zoo Atlanta


Dalton Agency is a communications and branding agency that caters to clients of all sizes and industries worldwide. They specialize in reaching out to audiences through various channels, whether it's online, offline, or in-person, and have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes.

“Our team sees Basis Technologies as an integral part of our operations. What we highly appreciate about our partnership is the insightful guidance, exceptional campaign results, and unwavering focus on precision and accuracy.

- Carly Bauer, SVP, Paid Media at Dalton Agency