May 2023
Dannalyn Prado

Boosting Enrollment with a Data-Driven Digital Campaign


1o8 Agency partnered with Basis Technologies to launch an awareness campaign with the state of Illinois, Illinois Cares for Kids, and the Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development. Interviews identified various causes for low enrollment in publicly-funded early childhood development programs, such as parental concerns of illness exposure and computer inaccessibility in low-income homes.


  • The Basis Technologies' Media Strategy & Activation Services team conducted market research to increase enrollment numbers.
  • A full funnel approach was used, leveraging upper, mid, and lower funnel tactics to drive awareness, site traffic, and increase enrollment. This included hyperlocal, contextual, behavioral, and demographic targeting.
  • Basis employed a segment targeting strategy that involved testing data providers to improve performance, swapping in different data providers for certain segments like '[Behavioral] Parents/Families with Young Kids', identifying Lotame as a provider that drove higher CTR.
  • To maximize efficiency, the Basis team also tapped into platform automation tools such as machine learning optimization and bid shading.
  • The campaign generated 94.4M impressions, 25.5M video completions, and 4.1M audio completes, with 79K clicks to the site.


  • TIME: July-December 2022
  • GEO: Chicago, Peoria, Rockford & Champaign-Urbana
  • AUDIENCE: : English & Spanish speaking parents with children aged 0-5


  • Hyperlocal Targeting
  • CTV
  • Streaming Audio
  • YouTube
  • Private Marketplace (PMP) Deals
  • Machine Learning Optimization (MLO)


  • 74% VCR (Benchmark: 68%)
  • .12% CTR (Benchmark: .10%-.11%)
  • 97% ACR (Benchmark: 85%)
  • 34% View Rate (Benchmark: 30%)
  • 79K Clicks to Site


“We are happy to report that all industry benchmarks were met across formats. With Basis Technologies powering our campaign, we effectively spread the word, generated an immense number of impressions and successfully drove traffic to the site."

- Gabi Nonneman, Account Supervisor, 1o8 Agency


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