Feb 2023
Dannalyn Prado

Basis Reduces Agency's CPL by 48%

Digital marketing client finds laser-sharp targeting and cost savings when switching to Basis DSP.


  • Potentially switch from MediaMath
  • More intuitive UX
  • Drive better results, combatting higher education enrollment declines


  • A/B test both DSPs simultaneously & compare performance 
  • Run contextual and retargeting campaigns on both to reach potential new students 


Basis had much stronger audience segmentation capabilities. Our client found targeting segments to be much easier and was impressed with our extensive PMP deals library.

  • Compared to MediaMath, our client found retargeting to be more successful and was able to contextually target audiences using data from Basis’ partners Oracle, DoubleVerify, and Comscore.
  • Basis was the clear winner in machine learning right off the bat, with these optimizations being made within the first month, compared to the several years that MediaMath had to mature.
  • Our client also named Basis as the easier platform to onboard with, saving managers the time and training resources typically required to get teams on board with a new vendor.


This client is a digital marketing agency in the higher education industry. Over the past seven years, they’ve generated more than $2 billion in revenue for over 100 clients. Their primary advertising goals are getting qualified leads, driving conversions, and reaching high-intent audiences that are interested in continued education whether it be college or post-graduate programs.

"Basis to me is the clear WIN. In the first month, we delivered a better CPL on retargeting on Basis. MediaMath has had plenty of time to mature and is on average delivering higher CPL, with Basis retargeting CPL at $89 and MediaMath at $172." - SVP of Media and Development

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