May 21 2020
Gabriel Ribadeneira

Your Campaigns Are Beautiful. Now Your Reports Are Too.


Three months ago, a client asked for your help promoting their latest solution.

You began strategizing the perfect media plan and over the course of several weeks, you placed pixels, uploaded creatives, monitored your campaign regularly, turned off poor-performing inventory, and shifted budget towards channels that were generating the best outcomes.

At the end of the cycle, you succeeded—your hard work paid off and it’s time to share the results with your client!

And what do you get? A cluttered Excel sheet that requires another handful of hours of editing before you can share it with your audience.

Not anymore.

Grow your business with polished, client-facing presentations that visually illustrate your campaign’s performance. Through our new one-of-a-kind reporting option, Basis eliminates the time and cost associated with collecting, summarizing, and organizing data.

Navigate to the reporting menu and choose "Campaign Performance Presentation" to export a PowerPoint file that narrates your campaign’s triumph in a clear and visual way.

What’s included?

Each presentation contains a series of slides with charts and graphs for your Direct, DSP, Search, and Social executions. You can choose to include information on video completion, viewability, or conversion metrics as well as reporting by day of the week, weeks, and months.

Additionally, the presentations have been developed in a way that they can be easily formatted. Using the "Slide Master" function in PowerPoint, you can apply your organization’s branding—logo, fonts, and colors—to make the presentation your own!

Interested in a full walk-through of our campaign performance presentations? Contact us to set up a demo!