Nov 24 2020
Basis Technologies

When to Run Native Advertising


Native Advertising 

Native advertising allows brands to put themselves in front of their desired audiences while fitting in with the rest of the content on the page. Once you have grasped native advertising, it’s time to understand how it fits into your channel mix. Below are three use cases where native drives performance:

  1. Campaigns with Site Traffic Goals

When the campaign goal is to drive traffic to a landing page, native advertising is a great format to include, as it is a strong click driver. Running native display improves CTR by an average of 2.5X compared to a standard display ad. Native is used to complement other traffic-driving tactics within campaigns, usually with the aim to increase website visitors.

  1. B2B Campaigns Focused on Engagement

B2B audiences respond well to ads that look reputable and fit the look and feel of the site they’re on. Native advertising provides more real estate (i.e. headlines, copy, etc.), to convey your offering and key differentiators. Another implementation strategy is to run native advertising alongside contextually relevant content to reach customers in the research phase.

  1. Assist in Driving the User Down the Conversion Funnel

In a conversion-focused campaign, native advertising is best used as a mid-funnel tactic. Native assets provide key information for users and are used to drive them to the site to learn more. It's recommended to retarget this audience with another asset that includes a strong call to action in order to drive the user to the final purchase or desired action.

This works well for both display and video native advertising assets. Plan to retarget users who click on the native ad with another unit. By implementing this strategy, you will continue to get in front of users who have shown interest in your product or service.

Native advertising as a creative asset drives performance when used correctly. Native ads are best used to reach site traffic goals, B2B brands, and for conversion campaigns.

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