Jun 8 2020
Gabriel Ribadeneira

Visualize and Share Data with Google Data Studio


If there’s one thing that sets a marketer apart from the rest, it’s the ability to take complex data and present it in a visual, customized, and comprehensible way. Now, through a proprietary connector, Basis passes planning and delivery data to Looker Studio so users can create branded, tailored, and interactive dashboards.

With this tool, you can provide stakeholders with access to real-time information and easily showcase your campaign’s success. Here's how:

1. Connect Your Data

After logging into Looker Studio with your Google account, click here to reach Basis’ connector. Then, authorize both platforms to exchange information.

Once you’ve completed this one-time setup you can select the client and brand you'll be working with.

2. Visualize Your Data

The dashboard will begin as a blank canvas, which you can personalize with different fonts, themes, and colors.

Looker Studio has the drag-and-drop design interface of PowerPoint, and the charting capabilities of Excel. Additional options include graphs, charts, maps, calendars, images, logos, and more.

We know that starting from zero can seem overwhelming, so we’ve put together a starter template for our users! The template includes a sample report you can leverage to tell the story of your campaigns—plus, we’ve left some notes to guide you through the process.

3. Share Your Data

Now that you’ve completed your dashboard, it’s time to share your data. There are many sharing options: You can invite people to view or edit reports, schedule emails to display reports, post them on your website or social media, or download them as PDFs.

The best part? There are no additional charges to use this service. Start connecting, visualizing, and sharing your data today!

Connect with us to learn more about this and other enhancements we’ve added to Basis this spring.