Aug 30 2018
Kristin Furjanic

Revolutionize Business Performance


Are you ready? 

The path to bringing programmatic software in-house isn’t always linear. When it comes to programmatic buying, there are typically four different options:

  • Outsourced Managed Services
  • Buying self-service via a tech-based platform
  • Starting on a path-to-self-service
  • Getting left behind—yikes!

How do you know which path is the best for you, your company, and your team? The path forward may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry—we broke it down for you. Read our 10-step checklist below, and get ready...set...grow!

  1. Establish business goals.

  2. Set campaign KPIs to track and determine success. 

  3. Assess the skills, digital acumen, and expertise of your existing teams.

  4. Seek out the right talent. Culture is key.

  5. Gain buy-in from primary stakeholders in all levels of your organization.

  6. Get to work! Create a vision and start planning.

  7. Sift through your toolbox. What tools and processes do you have or need to establish the right infrastructure?  

  8. Determine a budget.  

  9. The future Prepare your organization for ‘what-ifs’.  

  10. Find the right programmatic technology partner.

Now that you’re prepped and ready to go, dive into our Programmatic Readiness Guide as you continue to assess the ideal solution for your digital buying needs. Learn more about the different programmatic buying options; use our 10 Questions to gauge your readiness and spark action!
It’s all about the journey.