Nov 4 2015
Basis Technologies

Publisher Partner of the Month: Utah Media Group


We are thrilled to announce that this month’s Partner of the Month is the one and only Utah Media Group (UMG). Since the beginning of our partnership, UMG has acknowledged the importance of adopting an agency-like model to better serve advertisers’ needs and to secure a strong presence in the local market. When the group caught wind of Centro’s demand-side platform (DSP) technology, it knew that it had to get its hands on the powerful technology. However, it wasn’t until after the organization fully dove deep into the product, did it see (and experience) the plethora of benefits Centro DSP has to offer.

Ben Council, digital media coordinator, explained, “The original purpose of bringing the technology in-house was for cost control and for the capability of offering digital to businesses of all sizes. But, we quickly learned that it presented so much more. The transparency allows us to access actionable performance insights along with real-time reporting that can be broken down to a variety levels.” Additionally, the flexibility of budget-based buying allows the UMG team to deliver strong results for its advertisers based on their campaign goals and objectives. With the adoption of Centro DSP, UMG has been able to more accurately manage its advertisers’ campaigns, while also increasing its own revenue. To date, UMG has surpassed its 2014 revenue by 50%, with two months still left in the year! Congratulations on your success and we look forward to an even more prosperous 2016!