Nov 2 2015
Basis Technologies

#PollingPalooza2015 - Ad Fraud


As you probably noticed, the political season is in full swing. Polls, debates and press conferences are a regular occurrence these days and aren’t disappearing any time soon. With local elections currently taking center stage and the 2016 Presidential election just one year away, there is plenty of news and action you should be keeping up with, particularly when it comes to massive projections in political spending on digital advertising.

To stay true to the political season, we are kicking off #PollingPalooza2015. Every week throughout November, we will be polling you, the people, to not only test your digital knowledge, but to help you understand the key issues in advertising today. Did we mention some cool swag is up for grabs? So use your voice, cast your vote, and join us for #PollingPalooza2015!

The poll is now closed! Be sure to come back to check out the results to this question as well as look out for next week's question!