Aug 13 2012
Basis Team

Outdoor Gets Interactive


Groupon, Clear Channel and new start-up Elevate Digital are coming together in Chicago to make outdoor advertising interactive. Since December 2011, 38 kiosks around the city are encouraging passersby to claim local deals, engage in various apps and get social by connecting with their social media platforms.

The kiosks are creating interactive hot spots for outdoor advertising. There are virtually endless possibilities that can run on these screens and the best part is it can be changed in an instant. Kiosk users can redeem coupons straight to their mobile devices or post photos straight to their Facebook page. Integrating all three components of social, mobile and digital out of home creates a seamless bridge of ads across all channels.

Not only is this creating a much more engaging experience for outdoor advertising, but the metrics coming from these kiosks are very robust.  You are able to track who is interacting with the screens, what the impressions look like on social media and how often users are returning to the kiosk.

The kiosks track based on what information the users give them. After only seven months on the streets, the screens are getting around 500,000 interactions each month.

It’s encouraging to see something fresh in the digital out of home space, especially something that is connecting different devices and platforms. With new opportunities like this, how willing are you to jump on board with something outside of the norm?