Sep 26 2012
Noor Naseer

A New Era for Television


A newly released report by global consumer researcher Ericsson ConsumerLab, “Getting Social: TV not just for watching” finds new evidence supporting the rapid evolution of media consumption through simultaneous and paired usage of media channels.

The study made several observations involving the development of social viewing behaviors that have been popularized largely by the ubiquity of emerging technology platforms like smartphones and tablets.

While TV notably remains a prevailing means of content consumption, other media channels play a critical and growing role in enriching the user experience. Core findings include the likelihood of viewers to use social media while viewing video content or TV programming. The study found that 62% of TV viewers use social media on a weekly basis, an 18% increase from 2011. Additionally, 67% of those same TV viewers use a tablet, smartphone or laptop while viewing television.

Other findings included the reasons behind the increasingly social nature of television. The study provided a list of key drivers leading to social TV behavior that include people no longer watching TV alone, users seeking to gain a sense of community, a curiosity for the opinion of others, and wanting to influence and interact with others and influence content.

In this fast evolution of media habits, mobile devices and tablets are playing a bigger role both on their own and paired with traditional media. Regardless of their affinity for the digital space or emerging media, brands must closely examine the way in which their digital advertising plans reflect these actively shifting consumption patterns.

Check out the Ericsson Consumer Lab research study.