Jan 6 2020
Anthony Loredo

Centro's Basis Certified for Hulu Advertising


Say hello to Hulu! Centro’s platform, Basis, is now certified to buy on Hulu’s private marketplace (PMP). Basis customers that secure approval from Hulu gain cross-channel video advertising capabilities through programmatic ad buys that reach 72 million viewers watching on connected TVs and other devices.

Buying Connected TV Ads with Basis

Basis is a comprehensive, automated, and intelligent digital media platform—the only software solution of its kind to consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, search, and social campaigns. Access to Hulu’s PMP complements the connected TV advertising features already offered in Basis, allowing users to automate large-scale upfront Hulu deals and direct ad buys on every major OTT and digital video platform.

Advertisers deserve choice and control in their transaction experience,” said Doug Fleming, Head of Advanced TV at Hulu. “Adding Centro’s Basis as a certified DSP partner offers advertisers yet another opportunity to reach their target audiences with efficiency on Hulu via our Advanced TV platform.”

Hulu Advertising with Basis

Buying on Hulu’s PMP allows users to:

  • Activate campaigns in real-time to reach millions of authenticated subscribers viewing premium, brand-safe video on-demand or live
  • Deliver targeted messages to customers on visually engaging ad units served within high-production environments
  • Leverage Hulu’s data-driven audience segments based on user demographics, interests, behaviors, location, and a variety of other factors

Agencies using Basis to buy on Hulu’s PMP are able to align programmatic tactics with every other major part of a campaign to power cross-channel video marketing strategies. Campaigns utilizing direct buying, programmatic buying, paid search, and paid social are centrally planned and managed within the workflow automation platform. Performance data from these tactics feed directly into Basis, empowering media professionals to optimize in real-time and unify reporting.

The Future of TV Advertising

Tyler Kelly, president of Centro, added: “As the streaming OTT leader with the largest wholly addressable marketplace, Hulu continues to grow as a partner for engaging viewers of premium video. Its innovations create more ways for marketers to scale top-of-the-funnel, site- and sound-driven branding efforts. Hulu and Centro are aligned in automating the buying of OTT video to make ad spend on this channel more seamless, effective, and compelling for agencies.”

In addition to its Hulu certification, Basis’ DSP accesses all major video supply sources for open RTB and private marketplaces. It is the technology platform of choice for users of digital media software, scoring the number one position for the Demand Side Platform (DSP), Video Advertising and Cross-Channel Advertising categories on global user review site G2. The Adweek Readers’ Choice Best of Tech Awards named Centro as the winner for the Display DSP, Mobile DSP and Retargeting categories.

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