May 11 2020
Basis Technologies

How to Run Native Advertising


Native advertising is an integral component of display advertising. In fact, eMarketer estimates that by the end of 2020, advertisers will devote almost two-thirds of their display budgets to native ads.

Here’s why native advertising is important, and how to run it with Basis:

Why Native Advertising Works

Native ads allow brands to fit into⁠, rather than interrupt, the audience experience. According to Sharethrough, consumers look at native ads 52% more frequently than display ads.

Premium content drives engagement—click here to learn why content is still king when it comes to native ads.

By blending messaging with content, brands can drive higher levels of engagement as well as viewability.

How to Run Native Advertising with Basis

Basis offers an integrated native activation process as well as access to the major exchanges and native inventory sources.

Users can begin the process by creating a line item within Basis DSP and then opening the creative hub. After selecting “native” as the creative type, the native builder will appear.

All you need is a headline, body image, icon/logo, and a click-through URL to kick off. These images can be sourced from almost anywhere in a brand’s portfolio, including their website, product galleries, and social media. As you source creative, remember to lean on visuals rather than text within the image itself.

Users can also input image and script tracking URLs to ensure that performance for native is trackable, whether across the DSP itself or through a 3rd party ad server.

As necessary creative and tracking materials are finalized, Basis also offers a seamless solution to identify where to message your audience. Users have the option to explore both the open exchange & private marketplace deals to identify the best fit for scale and performance, as well as objective.

Using the private marketplace library, users can determine how best to activate their native messaging. Deals range from content vertical (sports, arts & entertainment) to demographic (gender, age) to provide as much opportunity as possible to reach an audience. Learn more about when to run native ads here.

Brands can also serve native messaging across the open exchange to supplement or complement a private marketplace activation. This inventory can be beneficial in testing out new exchanges or expanding reach in a limited geography. It can also address scaling sponsored content campaigns, one of the key challenges outlined by eMarketer in their 2019 report.

With those simple parameters completed, brands can easily begin messaging their audience with native ads. From start to finish, Basis makes native advertising easy.

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