Jul 12 2017
Anthony Loredo

Hit the Social Media Sweet Spot: Crafting a Social Strategy that Delivers


Social media's unmatched reach has made it increasingly important to include on every media plan, but so many platforms, objectives, targeting, placement, and creative options have made paid social an overwhelming space to navigate.

We brushed you up on the basics of paid social back in April, and for our next 3Ton30 webinar, we're taking it to the next level. We'll explore how to add social to your media plans as part of overall campaign strategy – instead of adding for the sake of checking off a box on your digital checklist.

We'll showcase real-world business cases and discuss what social considerations make sense for each – to ensure you're taking a multi-faceted approach to social media, matching strategy to your business objectives, and, ultimately, crushing your campaign goals.

Join us and Centro's Associate Director of Social & Search, Vanessa Pence, on Wednesday, July 19, as she discusses:

  • What to keep in mind when building a full-funnel social strategy
  • How the consumer mindset and journey differs on each platform
  • Social capabilities and best practices that make sense for your business objectives
  • Key strategies and takeaways to maximize the power of each platform