Oct 21 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: Delivering Electrifying Campaign Performance


As marketers, we’ve got a lot to think about: goals to hit, brands to promote, alternative fuel vehicles to launch. At least, that was the case with Centro’s recent client – a leading vehicle brand preparing for the release of a new hybrid electric car. Understandably, during this time, the client’s team was short on bandwidth and lacked the expertise necessary to carefully plan the digital splash its product launch required. Our client had bigger things to focus on and needed a partner that had the resources necessary to design a high-performing, expertly tuned digital campaign.

Fortunately, the client was able to connect with the Centro team in order to execute its vision. The client primarily wanted to raise awareness of the vehicle launch and educate consumers about the benefits of its hybrid electric model. The vehicle brand dubbed the target audience the “Everyday Eco-Modernist.” It was up to Centro to find this audience and deliver the brand’s message.

Centro leveraged strategic intelligence, audience insight data, and planning resources to locate this consumer group across all digital devices and inventory types. This ensured a cross-channel presence that allowed the brand to stay in front of its consumer audience during all moments of their digital day. Centro built high-impact media and branding opportunities across nearly 20 partners to align the client’s message with reputable technology and science content. All in all, the bundled recommendation filled out a full media portfolio that targeted the “Everyday Eco-Modernist” audience for the client. But, the Centro partnership didn’t end there. Upon launch, a dedicated analyst team monitored the campaign, provided bi-weekly reporting, and recommended optimizations to continuously improve performance.

The final campaign was a big win – both for Centro and the client. The “Everyday Eco-Modernist” media portfolio successfully reached the audience it was created for, while simultaneously achieving scale. The Centro team’s dedication to monitoring pacing and performance resulted in full delivery of the purchased impressions with additional impressions delivered as added value for the campaign. Satisfied with Centro’s thorough strategic approach to the media plan and the careful execution of the campaign, the client renewed its buy for an additional campaign flight.

At Centro, we offer a modern approach to digital media. With over 13 years and 100,000 campaigns to our name, we leverage advanced technology, proven tactics, and industry expertise to build campaigns around the channels and platforms that drive the greatest results for our client’s specific business needs. People and technology are at the heart of Centro, and are the essential parts in every #CentroInAction story.