May 5 2020
Ryan Manchee

DIAL: Digital Innovations Awesome List (May 2020)


At Centro, we know that keeping up with the trade pubs and latest trends can be tough and time-consuming. To make that easier, we’ve compiled all the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed, but should definitely read. Enjoy our latest list below!

Mondelēz Shifts Investments to Paid Media to Capture Online Orders and US Snacking [:02]

In-store marketing has less impact when people are strictly shopping off lists or queuing up orders online. By focusing on media campaigns that can put products in consumers’ minds and on grocery lists, paid media channels are driving snack purchases for the global CPG company.

Facebook’s Q1 Ad Demand Was Way Down Due to COVID – But It’s Starting To Stabilize [:03]

Facebook is far from immune from COVID, but it’s doing well, all things considered. While much of Facebook’s ad revenue is from small and medium-sized businesses, they also saw that for the first three weeks of April, ad revenue was flat year over year. Engagement also grew during shelter in place (though not confirmed much of it could be attributed to post 10 album/TV show/movie challenges).

COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Ordering at KFC, Taco Bell And Pizza Hut [:02]

Many quick service restaurants have only recently embraced online pickup and delivery with COVID-19 accelerating existing QSR trends around the use of technology to enable contactless delivery. Many brands have completely revamped their marketing messaging during the COVID-19 crisis.

Quarantine Creates New Opportunities For Video Makers  [:01]

A recently released report outlines the most promising topics for opportunities for businesses to keep people entertained, pointing to the biggest opportunities as cooking, comedy, memes, games, and video games.

Digital Publishers Reveal Strategies For Growth [:04]

A new study breaks down the three-phase pattern for all participating publishers. First, you write great content to build an audience; next, you optimize your online experience to keep that audience. Only then can you really start to work on diversifying revenue.

Publishers Use Advertising Downturn to Perform Programmatic Housekeeping [:05]

Publishers are using the quarantine to catch up on programmatic housekeeping, like improving page-loading speeds on their sites, updating their ad tech stacks and refreshing their sales teams on the latest programmatic developments. (have you gotten Certified with Digital Media Essentials?)

Why Google’s Decision to Withhold Programmatic Data is Pushing Some Advertisers to Pull Ad Spending [:06]

As advertisers search for transparency, they’re demanding more from their ad tech partners. Google has long given advertisers a cause for concern. Marketers at P&G are looking to reduce the amount of money they put into Google’s ad exchange.

Foursquare And Factual Bet That The Future Of Location Data Is About More Than Advertising [:03]

Foursquare announced their merger with Factual. Together, Foursquare and Factual have more than $150 million in combined revenue, data derived from over 500 million devices worldwide and 400+ employees. The combined company will continue to use the Foursquare brand. The article highlights the rationale behind the deal, why the industry needs an independent location data provider and expectations around the future of location.

OTT-CTV Could Be A Potent Ad Force In 2020 Election [:03]

While presidential candidates increasingly lean on new media channels for communication around their campaigns, social media and CTV/OTT  remain at the forefront for the 2020 election. Candidates continue to flock to social media, where ad platforms like Facebook had a massive impact on votes in 2016.

Projections around CTV/OTT usage reinforce and strengthen rationale for why political advertisers will want to spend there. eMarketer forecasts show OTT-CTV ad spend reaching $10 billion by 2021. Due to the social distancing and “stay at home” policies, streaming TV usage has been exceeding earlier 2020 projections.

TikTok is Sharing Proprietary Ad Performance Metrics and Targeting Data with its New Partner, Sprinklr

TikTok announced a new partnership with their first API partner, Sprinklr, allowing in-feed video ads to be placed on TikTok. The customer experience platform will be integral for brands to create, manage and measure ad campaigns.