Dec 4 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: Grilling Up an Effective Digital Strategy


In a world with big-box retailers like WalMart, Lowes, and Home Depot on virtually every corner, it’s often a struggle for smaller manufacturers to drive share and awareness in such a competitive space. For that reason, Char-Griller, a small, family-owned grills and smokers business, came to Centro in need of some digital expertise.

Char-Griller was new to digital, having been more previously focused on traditional, low-cost marketing efforts like local print and mailers in the past. In order to compete with the advertising initiatives (and big names) of the larger brands, the client needed something a bit more powerful and impactful – digital. Char-Griller had three main objectives: to drive sales conversions at retail stores, engage and build audiences, and drive a baseline for advertising spend/results. In addition, the client wanted to target an audience of men ages 25 to 54 with a household income of $50,000 to 75,000, as well as run a test with the Hispanic audience as a secondary focus. With these goals as fuel, Char-Griller and its agency partner, Daisy Media Company, sought out to ignite a digital flame – a fire that they were hoping would lead to an increase in sales and customers. And it just so happened that Centro was the perfect match.

Using a combination of approaches, including display, social, video and search tactics, we helped the client drive awareness, engagement, intent to purchase, and conversions among its target audiences. We also leveraged our DSP to extend the client’s reach among future intenders and audiences through the use of historical learnings and data. Furthermore, programmatic technology allowed us to quickly shift dollars mid-campaign towards the sites and channels that were performing better, which meant that we were able to maximize Char-Griller’s budget by only funding what actually worked. Paid search was a key inclusion, garnering performance more than four times the industry average. Collectively, these approaches helped the campaign efficiently deliver incremental sales, beat industry performance standards, and come in at a lower eCPM than initially planned for, thus providing for additional added value impressions.

Overall, Char-Griller saw a 6.4 percent increase in sales of the products advertised with us, which equates to a five times return on investment! The client and agency partners were more than pleased with the final outcome and hope to be able to renew at an even higher level with Centro for next year.

At Centro, we offer a modern approach to digital media. With over 13 years and 100,000 campaigns to our name, we leverage advanced technology, proven tactics, and industry expertise to build campaigns around the channels and platforms that drive the greatest results for our client’s specific business needs. People and technology are at the heart of Centro, and are the essential parts in every #CentroInAction story.