Feb 25 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: Content Strategy is Key, Even for Global Brands


Sometimes, even the biggest industry names need a little help reaching key audiences with the right content. Recently, the second largest chemical manufacturer in the world came to us with a real branding challenge. It needed to spike brand awareness among thought leaders to position the brand as a premier solutions-based chemical and product company.

This was easier said than done. The company needed to find the right place for its ads so that the desired audience would actually see their content. However, without access to the proper research, tools, and data, developing a solid strategy and verifying its effectiveness proved to be much more difficult than the client originally expected.

That’s when the client stumbled upon Centro’s technology resources and subject matter experts and reached out to fill the gaps that it was missing in its digital content strategy. Our Centro team knew that by properly leveraging industry-leading research tools like ComScore and MOAT, the focus of the client’s campaign could be narrowed and properly structured to reach its targeted audience with the content it wanted to see.

Centro’s expertise and quick planning helped discover the exact content that the client’s audience was looking for. With scalable, high-impact ad units, we were able to ensure the client’s message was front and center. In order to confirm that the audience fully viewed the client’s message, our team reported on and optimized spend against third-party measurement data.

In typical Centro fashion, the team was able to scale our services to work with such a large client. Together, the Centro team and the chemical manufacturer tackled performance reviews and optimization. Centro implemented constant changes based on how the campaign was performing. In addition, budget reallocations showed steady, week-over-week growth, resulting in a campaign that exceeded the client’s original benchmark by 30%. The client was so thrilled with the success of the campaign that it worked with our team again to establish and implement best practices for viewability for its future digital campaigns.

At Centro, we offer a modern approach to digital media. With over 13 years’ experience and 100,000 campaigns to our name, we leverage advanced technology, proven tactics, and industry expertise to build campaigns around the channels and platforms that drive the greatest results for our client’s specific business needs. People and technology are at the heart of Centro, and are the essential parts in every #CentroInAction story.