Apr 9 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: A Study in Education


The Challenge

Recently, a small private college decided that its current digital media strategy wasn't making the grade. The school was looking for a new digital partner with a fresh perspective — one who could offer a wider variety of digital execution choices that would improve overall business.

The college turned to Centro for help achieving a few key (yet very aggressive) goals:

  • Increase application pipeline to1,000+
  • Reduce cost per application to $140
  • Accelerate online enrollment rate to over 20%

Why Centro?

Choosing a digital partner can be a lot like choosing a college. Finding the right fit is absolutely critical to success. Ultimately, it was our 13+ years of experience helping education clients leverage digital advertising that won us the partnership.

Centro digital experts got right to work building a plan and managing placements of a custom suite of performance proven properties. To meet the client’s KPIs, we utilized site-direct placements to reach the target in unique environments as well as audience buying tactics such as look-a-like modeling and re-targeting to reengage the audience and drive conversions.

Achieving Excellence

The campaign saw results that far exceeded the original goals. With a dedicated team continuously making real-time optimizations, in three short months the client experienced:

  • A 67% increase in site traffic, driving performance that exceeded all revenue and re-enrollment goals
  • 7X the expected application pipeline, resulting in 1,300+ completed applications
  • A cost per application decrease to $90, saving the college 36% per college applicant
  • A 42% increase in total enrollment for the spring session, 2x the initial goal

As a result of these wins, the college continues to use Centro to shift traditional media budgets to digital.

No matter what sector our clients are in, we approach the buying process holistically, using a blend of historical performance data and various buying methodologies. It’s what makes Centro different from the rest. And it’s a philosophy we stand firmly behind.

Stay tuned for more case study updates. We have a lot more Centro In Action stories on the way!