Nov 19 2015
Basis Technologies

A Look Under the Hood: Mechanics of Native Social Advertising


“Surprise, most of you are already executing native advertising!”

Don’t miss this chance to delve into a hot (but frequently misunderstood) topic in digital: native advertising and what it looks like in the social space. The combination of powerful social reach, the authenticity of native, and the science of data creates tremendous possibilities. To put a number to it, native ads are seen 53% more than classic banners.

In this downloadable webinar, Aubry goes over:

  • The necessity for native ads (folks are banner-blind these days),
  • Common types of native advertising (search ads count! See opening quote)
  • How native ads are manifesting themselves in the social space (hint: Facebook = huge).

Any marketer looking to progress their digital presence will glean a tip or two from the webinar. Check out the recording below!

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