Sep 2021
Basis Technologies

University Surpasses Conversion and CPA Goals with Basis Technologies’ Powerful DMP Solutions


The newly established marketing team at a major state university was determined to increase undergraduate applications in the six weeks leading up to the admissions deadline. Basis’ powerful targeting tools were used to optimize their campaign toward the top-performing audiences in order to reach the university’s goals.


The university wanted to generate 900 completed applications before the admissions deadline. The campaign was divided between in-state and out-of-state students, based on the varying levels of value to the university. The goal was to achieve this application number through the targeted audience with a CPA under $255.


University applications are lengthy and detailed, making conversion tracking a challenge. Basis Technologies’ digital marketing team used retargeting and view-through conversions to stay in front of the target audience. Restrictions on targeting underage audiences also presented a challenge, as many potential applicants were underage. Basis tapped into the client’s CRM and the platform’s powerful DMP for first-party data. This data was then used to create look-a-like models to efficiently target the clearly defined demographic without losing impressions on restricted audiences.


  • Time: 6 weeks in Q4
  • Budget: $276,000
  • Geography: Regional
  • Audience: Prospective students aged 17 – 18


  • 1806 conversions (goal of 900)
  • $149.42 CPA (goal of $255)


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