Oct 24 2019
Gabriel Ribadeneira

Plan with Confidence, Execute with Certainty


“Can we spend $30,000 by the end of June? $40,000? 100,000?!”

“How many impressions can we get with $75,000 for a campaign that’s targeting one zip code in North Dakota?!”

Media buyers and planners field these types of questions regularly, whether they’re managing ads for someone else or for their own brand.

As stressful as these questions can be, determining a campaign’s potential reach and scale doesn’t have to be a guessing game! Forecasting tools equip media buyers with the data they need to plan campaigns with confidence.

What is Forecasting?

Forecasting is a strategic media buying tool that analyzes data to generate predictions based on how a campaign is set-up. It provides information about projected spend and insight into how many impressions can be won, based on how a tactic has been set up.

Why Use Forecasting?

With forecasting, users are empowered to:

  • Build smarter media plans
  • Accurately distribute budgets, and
  • Confidently make campaign adjustments.

Forecasting with Basis

Powered by a proprietary algorithm, Basis’ forecasting technology generates predictions based on how each individual campaign is set-up. Our feature analyzes billions of impressions each day, allowing users to determine how many impressions are available, as well as how much they can spend, with confidence and speed.

As media buyers know, no two campaigns are identical. Market conditions shift constantly with inventory fluctuations and price changes, and audience sizes change daily as new web visitors are added to and removed from groups. Basis accounts for these and many other variations, informing users how to improve a campaign’s delivery in real-time.

Basis’ forecasting tool arms you with the necessary data to answer to any campaign question that comes your way. And it doesn’t stop there—Basis accompanies users through every step of the media buying journey, from planning to payment.

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