Oct 31 2016
Basis Technologies

Demand Side Platforms: Not Just For Remarketing


Think of the people who demonstrate a high interest in products and services without pulling the trigger – the shoppers who abandon a cart full of goods before checking out, or browse high-end phones without signing up for a contract. This type of behavior has made remarketing a backbone for any digital strategy. And demand side platforms (DSPs) finally allowed for marketers to scale remarketing across a vast range of inventory sources, without sacrificing transparency and control to a network.

But, programmatic is capable of so much more than just remarketing. DSPs have opened up access to a wealth of targeting options and formats that can be served anywhere at any time. Make sure you are taking full advantage of all opportunities a DSP can offer.


Contextual targeting is an excellent way to expand outside remarketing, and has become much more sophisticated. You no longer have to hand select sites and apps individually to build a channel. Content is analyzed and sold on the page-level, ensuring the highest relevancy and the most reach. DSPs give you flexibility to buy and optimize at will with full insight into where the ads are delivered.


Audience targeting is a great complement to help build awareness and remarketing pools. Audience relies on many aggregated signals from online and offline behavior. There are dozens of providers with tens of thousands of targeting segments ranging from in-market, demographic, interest, and more. In a DSP you can easily research and match these audiences to your customer profiles or the products being advertised.

Mobile and Video

Even experienced remarketers may overlook additional digital formats and limit campaigns to desktop display. As user behavior dramatically shifts channels, including mobile and video is especially important. By only being on desktop, you might miss a portion of your target entirely.

Mobile and video have other targeting options and benefits to consider. Hyperlocal and geo location let you reach consumers who might be near one of your stores or about to visit a competitor. Audiences can be built off more than one parameter as well. People who have shopped at sporting goods stores and traveled to ski resorts can be classified as outdoor enthusiasts. Video campaigns add an interesting layer with the ability to remarket off completion rate. Watching a full ad is another solid signal of interest to leverage.

Remarketing is a great entry point to digital advertising and programmatic. If you’re not thinking beyond a single targeting tactic or inventory source, you’re missing out on opportunities to engage with customers and have a complete marketing strategy.

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