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You Need to Know Basis

Basis Technologies provides unified software and services to simplify and automate digital media operations, driving increased profitability and greater efficiency for leading brands. Our Basis platform offers unmatched media automation and intelligence software, solving workflow issues and connecting siloed systems to tailor solutions specific to your business.
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Basis is Here to Help

Cost Efficiency

Leverage automation to streamline efforts, boost productivity, and align your go-to-market strategies.


Access a unified source of truth for all your digital marketing investments, ensuring transparency across multiple brands, tiers, and stakeholders.


Utilize advanced automation tools to empower your workforce and ensure alignment between brand marketing, local groups, and dealership advertising.

Streamlined Analytics

Benefit from real-time, omnichannel reporting and troubleshooting for faster, more accurate campaign audits and closures.

Meet the Team

Claire Keating headshot

Claire Keating

VP, Brand Development

Claire brings over 15 years of digital media experience including leading strategic planning efforts for clients such as Best Buy, Walgreens & MillerCoors.

Brad Breif headshot

Brad Brief

Brand Lead

Brad has over 20 years of digital marketing experience which includes strategic leadership roles working with automotive brands such as Cadillac, GM Certified Service, Mazda and Ford.

Jim Zabel headshot

Jim Zabel

VP, Agency Development, Auto

Jim leads the Basis Technologies Automotive practice and has an extensive industry background, which includes directing marketing and digital media efforts at VW, as well as for multiple dealership groups.

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