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2005 - 20th Anniversary, BBx Generations

The BASIS International Advantage

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BASIS Then and Now 


BBx Generation - Our Progression in Time
Journey through the rich heritage of the BBx generations that began 20 years ago on the founding principle of providing a platform independent Business BASIC interpreter and database.

MARK Systems - A Revenue Stream Runs Through It  
A creative pricing model not only creates recurring revenue and a dependable financial future for MARK SYSTEMS, but also gives their new customers a low-risk point of entry.

Enhancing the Bouquet with BBj – KMK Software AG
With a clear idea of the wine industry's need, KMK designed and delivered a complete cross-platform state-of-the-art system that runs in BBj.

OSI Solidifies OSAS Inventment With BBj  
Solid business planning helped shape and direct Open Systems Inc.'s future, launching BASIS' largest domestic BBj application.

With BASIS, Denver Computer Still a Mile High 
Faced with the demise of their Business BASIC language provider, Denver Computer migrated their business application to BASIS technology.Solid business planning helped shape and direct Open Systems Inc.'s future, launching BASIS' largest domestic BBj application.

Input Validation: Veto Power  
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This powerful 5.0 feature enables the developer to create field level validation rules, easily and directly, which eliminates the potential cascade of side effects of loss of focus-triggered validation.

Super-Charged SYSGUI  
A completely new rewrite of the familiar subsystem addresses and removes old limitations and brings much-anticipated functionality and significant performance improvements.

Connection Pooling – Part 1  
ODBC/JDBC Pooling BASIS data access drivers now manage the connections automatically – learn how it works and how to implement this time saving and efficient capability.

Connection Pooling – Part 2  
License Pooling and Lingering Added in 4.01, these features greatly improve performance in many environments with no user intervention – learn how they function and how to tune them.

Grid to Order  
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This most anticipated BBj 6.0 enhancement offers programmer productivity gains by incorporating very versatile methods for sorting data with the BBjStandardGrid object.

Safe and Retrievable Intellectual Property  
The new CLEARP and enhanced SAVEP verbs provide a safe and dependable way to retain original code, perform maintenance with unrestricted use, and prevent unauthorized access to your intellectual property.


The BASIS DBMS – New 5.0 Features  
Boosted with significant power and flexibility, BBj 5.0 introduces better interoperability with third party ODBC/JDBC applications, and easier, more flexible database administration.

PDF Now Also Means Perfectly Displayed Forms  
The newly extended BBjForm API can now create PDF output directly from BBj, giving BBj programmers a new and useful tool. – a Sweet New Suite  
Deploy a set of office applications across a variety of operating systems while accessing data stored in BBj data files.for free.

VKEYED Files – New Features for a New File Type  


Tuning the Performance Analyzer  

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How BASIS enhanced the Performance Analyzer by using it on itself while enhancing the tool with significant improvements.

The State of the IDE  
A sneak peek at some of the ambitious BBj 6.0 enhancements to the IDE and those planned for the future, including a new comprehensive GUI development tool and more convenient ways to debug legacy code.


The Response File Responds Silently  
BBj 5.0's new and powerful mechanism offers greater flexibility and more options that provides for total customization of the entire silent installation.

Choices, Choice, Choices  
A simplified look at the many deployment choices for BASIS products including one-, two-, and three-tiered configurations.

Taking Out The Garbage  
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Less garbage, collected less frequently, leaves more time for BBj programs to run faster, especially when accessing the BASIS DBMS.



QA Memos Web Service  
BASIS practices what they preach – BASIS discusses how to provide Web services, sharing the know-how by giving developers access to the source code for the QA Memos Database Web service provider program and the client-side consumption program.

Lock Lock, Who's Got the Locks?

Logs, Logs, and More Logs


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