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2004 - The New BBx Generation Securing Your Future

The BASIS International Advantage


The BBx Generations - Securing Your Future 


BBj Sparks High Productivity at Heilind  
Heilind Electronics revels in the successes of their migration into the GUI world. Over 170 employees using three new applications, with one more in development, spark record-high productivity gains.

Fit for the Future? Midata Service GmbH

Secrets of Secure Communication  
With the importance of secure communication, BASIS' latest offerings allow the implementation of Secure Socket Layers to encrypt all communication between the Thin Client, Interpreter, data servers, databases, and third party products.

Why Use the BBjRecordSet?  

Getting More of the Good Stuff  

Secure Your Future, Encrypt Your Data  
Today's customers have significant concerns about data security and privacy. The latest releases of PRO/5 and BBj address these concerns by offering industry standard encryption techniques.

The Great Connection  

Give Your Software a New Lease on Life  
BASIS' new rental policy, combined with new language features, gives developers the option to deploy their applications using a rental model.

Without a Trace: The Silent Installation  



Software Product Version Control  

Licensing Upgrade  


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