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2006 - BBj Comes of Age!

The BASIS International Advantage

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BASIS Enters a Higher Orbit


Rooted in Platform-Independence, BBj Supports Borealis Press's Choice of Mac

Discover how BBj gave this Mac-centric installation a choice of modern applications and compatibility with their other platforms.

BASIS Tours Europe With New Partnership Program

Travel with BASIS around Germany for the unveiling of the Partnership Program and gain insights into the European reseller culture.

A Primer for Using BBj Custom Objects

Understand the mechanics of writing object-oriented code as BBj native code without using embedded Java.

Confessions of a Language Polygamist

Examine this first-hand account of developing in BBj vs. Java.

Applying Custom Objects to Existing Code

Find out what object-oriented programming is and what it can do for you.

The Scoop on 64-Bit Computing

Overcome hindrances to moving into the bigger, better world of 64-bit processing.

The Look and Feel Journey - from Skins to Themes

Explore themes and skins – the origins of today's "look and feel" – and journey through their application in the software industry.

Visual PRO/5 6.0 Gives Apps an XP or Vista Contemporary Look and Feel

Discover how to customize BBx applications with the theme of choice.

Type Checking With "bbjcpl"

Investigate the new variable types available with the introduction of custom objects defined completely in BBj program files.

Using Triggers to Maintain Database Integrity

Understand the benefits of and method for moving validation code to the file level.

Using Stored Procedures to Add Business Logic to the Database

Study how to access BBx business logic from third party ODBC or JDBC applications and the possibilities this feature offers.

ESQL Files: Constraining Your Data to Guarantee Integrity

Learn how to add constraints to your database by employing BASIS' new Exclusive SQL (ESQL) file type.

AppBuilder: The BASIS IDE Gets RAD GUI Development Integration

Learn how this much-anticipated cross-platform graphical application development tool will streamline your GUI development experience.

Freedom of Choice: Using Object Code Completion in the IDE

Explore how code completion eases development by providing the freedom to select items from a list, eliminating the chance for common typographical mistakes.

Solving the Locked Record 'Whodunit'

See how the new BBjOpenFileInfo solves the longstanding dilemma of who has the record locked.


Inside BASIS
Gain the Advantage – Use the Advantage Resource

Get the most out of the valuable content of the BASIS International Advantage by using the new and helpful format changes.

BASIS Puts Triggers to Work

Take a close look at how BASIS uses triggers to encrypt sensitive data in a real-world application.


Webinar Success Impacts the Globe

Strengthening the Down Under Connection

Signs of the Time - Digital Signatures

The BASIS Family in Europe Grows


Road Scholar Journals
TechCon2006 in Las Vegas Sizzles

OSAS Conference is Hot

European End Users Meet in Germany


Tech Resource Zone
The FAQ's About 64-Bit BASIS Products



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