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TechCon2019 Training

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Post-Conference Training
October 31 - November 1, Las Vegas, NV.

    Training Schedule

    Thursday, October 31

    Friday, November 1
    Barista Application Framework, 8:30a - 4:30p (Day 1 of 1½ days) Barista Application Framework - 8:30a - Noon
    BASIS Product Development in BDT, 8:30a - 4:30p (Day 1 of 2) BASIS Product Development in BDT 8:30a - 4:30p (Day 2 of 2)
    SQL from the Ground Up, BBj and Other DBMS, 8:30a - 4:30p JasperReports Basics, 8:30a - 12:00p
    Software Development - A Cat Herder's Point of View, 8:30a - 4:30p JasperReports Advanced, 1:00p - 4:30p
    AddonSoftware Conference - AddCon2019, 8:30 - 5:00p (Day 1 of 2) Digital Dashboard, 8:30a - noon
      Backup and Recovery, 1:00p - 4:30p
      AddonSoftware Conference - AddCon2019, 8:30a - 4:30p (Day 2 of 2)

    Course Descriptions

    Barista Application Framework (1½-days)

    Discover how to use the Barista® Application Framework to build an application quickly by simply defining the data and its interrelationships. Barista provides a standard framework that handles the ubiquitous navigation, display, search, and file maintenance requirements of the typical data-driven GUI application, easily tripling your productivity for many of your development and maintenance projects. The morning session will provide a quick review of the basics of Barista and the afternoon will cover more advanced topics including some of the many new features and capabilities introduced to the product since the last TechCon. (Back to top)

    BASIS Product Development in BDT (2-days)

    The Eclipse IDE is the preferred cross-platform development framework in the world today. This full day of training will cover the IDE and give you hands-on experience with all of the BASIS-developed plug-ins. During this course you will explore the Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) including the Code Editor, code completion, keyword lookup, WindowBuilder, AppBuilder, Enterprise Manager, Performance Analyzer, Dialog Wizard, Unit Test, along with many other tips and tricks for achieving productivity gains using all the new BASIS development tools powered by the Eclipse framework. A variety of non-BASIS plug-ins will also be referenced as additional resources that developers may find useful. Day 1 lays the groundwork for your knowledge and day 2 moves to more advanced development topics. (Back to Top)

    SQL from the Ground Up (full day)

    We are often asked about the basics of SQL and how to use SQL with your existing BASIS files. This class covers SQL fundamentals - (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, scalar functions, date/time operations, etc…) before moving on to adding and using indexes for performance, optimization strategies, views, 3rd-party DBMS support, triggers, SPROCS, and FULLTEXT indexes. Advanced topics (time permitting) include nested subqueries, parameterizing queries when programming and using the JDBC API from a sample BBj program. (Back to top)

    Software Development - A Cat Herder's Point of View (full day)

    At times, developing software looks a lot like herding cats. Every time you turn around one of them is wandering off, and the problems you run into all have teeth, claws, and attitude. This class will take the first shot at helping you to be a better cat herder. We'll start off with a whirlwind overview of software development practices in the 21st century. Then we will zoom in on four of the topics that offer you an opportunity to start improving your products - four areas where you can get a good return from small investments in processes and practices:

    • Object Oriented (OO) Design and Programming - what it is and why you care
    • UI Design - how you can design a user (friendly) interface
    • Data Storage - how to design a better data storage model with indexes
    • Mentoring and Training - how to grow a better software development team

    This class will only occasionally depend on the BBj language. The concepts we cover are applicable to any software development project in almost any language. (Back to top)

    JasperReports® (full day, Basics and Advanced)

    By now you know that JasperReports is the world's most powerful and widely used embeddable open source Java reporting library for report designers and developers. It can be used to generate reports in several formats including amongst others PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel, RTF, and XML. Java and applications powered by BBx can use JasperReports to generate dynamic content. We have split the course into two sections, Basics and Advanced or you may wish to take both sections for a complete exposure to this powerful tool. (Back to top)

    Digital Dashboard (Friday - AM)

    The Dashboard Utility, first introduced in BBj 14.0, has been steadily growing more flexible and capable with each subsequent release including new widget types. The utility allows developers to expose even more important business intelligence to an organization's management team to facilitate better business decision making and therefore better businesses! The growing list of newly implemented features has come from various sources, including BASIS’ internal operations as well as several customer requests. Users can customize dashboard widget sizes, fonts, color schemes, resize popouts, drilldown, click on chart elements to view data values, and more. (Back to top)

    Backup and Recovery (Friday - PM)

    A business is much more than a brick and mortar location; it is also the sum of its information and data. That is why losing a physical location or hardware is not nearly as bad as losing important company data and the ability to process that data for the business. Be sure to have a plan to recover the data, AND be able to process that data, in order to provide business continuity. With BASIS technology you have the flexibility to store and retrieve data in near real-time AND most importantly, instantly verify the copy. A new feature of our replication capability is to preserve your data on the target should ransomeware compromise the source. With the combination of BASIS technology and BASIS authored applications, you can recover your data and instantly have business continuity and have the ability to run your mission-critical applications in the cloud or on-premise. (Back to top)


    TechCon2019 Session Descriptions

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